Devon McDowell

                                                                             Proactive. Organized. Creative.

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Why I'm Unique

Strengths I Bring to the Classroom

Current/Past Projects

Professional Philosophy

Parent Resources and Materials



Special Education Training

  • Currently a third grade inclusion teacher.
  • Experienced as a special education pre-k teacher.
  • Participated in a second grade inclusion situation.
  • Worked with students at the Ida Sue School & Nick Amster Sheltered Workshop.
  • Developed lessons using Prentke Romich communication devices.
  • Instructed reading groups consisting of learning disabled second graders.

Curriculum Development

  • Currently developing a technology curriculum based on the new Ohio technology standards.
  • Developed a pre-k curriculum based on the new content standards
  • Utilized cooperative learning techniques.
  • Incorporated both basal and whole language techniques into classroom instruction.
  • Integrated a variety of subjects through the use of thematic units.
  • Implemented hands-on math & science units and trained other teachers on the use of them.
  • Initiated a daily writing activity.
  • Designed and implemented a large geography unit.


Classroom Management

  • Promote a positive learning environment through my enthusiasm in teaching and respect for my students.
  • Utilize cooperative discipline methods.


Professional Leadership

  • Chair of the Math Committee - implementing a new hands-on math curriculum.
  • Chair of the Technology Committee - organized the use of a new grading system (Progressbook).
  • Member of the Faculty Advisory Committee
  • Member of a newly implemented IAT committee
  • Initiated the ordering of new materials for computer lab.
  • Attended and participated in Parent/Teacher Conferences, Parent Advisory Committee meetings, and Staff Meetings.
  • Attended eTech Ohio's Technology Conference in Columbus, 2006
  • Attended NAEYC Conference in NYC, 2002
  • Attended Children’s Literature conference in Columbus , 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003

Educational Interests

  • Willing to supervise extra-curricular activities.
  • Desire to continue learning new methods of instruction.
  • Enthusiastic about literature-based learning.
  • Enjoy helping with Right-to-Read week, Outdoor Ed, school web site, grant writing, and other extra activities.


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