Devon McDowell

                                                                             Proactive. Organized. Creative.

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Why I'm Unique

Background:  I come from a large family of educators and have always had a strong belief in the educational system. Much of my free time is spent reading the latest research on educational practices.  I have worked with a wide range of ages and have a strong interest in child development.  Before teaching, many years of volunteering with children, and working with children helped to prepare me for a career in education. 

Graduating from the College of Wooster also gave me an edge in being a teacher...the many field experiences and the extensive student teaching left me very prepared for having my own classroom.  

I am extremely hard working, creative, and driven.  I believe that hard work will get you everywhere.

Special Skills:

Writing                      Public Relations

Communicating           Marketing

Technical Skills:  Proficient in PowerPoint, Excel, Access, FrontPage, Dreamweaver, Word, FileMaker Pro, PhotoShop, Image Composer, Macromedia Flash, Graphic Design, Digital Imaging, HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, C, C++, Macintosh, and IBM compatible computers


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